We raise public awareness of the global challenges caused by human activities, and help to shape a more responsible World by supporting educational projects and concrete actions that encourage a more conscious and sustainable way of life.

Loyal to the values of the Primat Family and aiming to spark positive change in our society, the Foundation has chosen to prioritise its activities around the major ethical issues raised by technological and environmental disruptions and its implications for Humanity and Nature. In a world undergoing major transformation, the Foundation places the transmission of ancient and contemporary wisdom at the core of its mission. It promotes the development of critical, creative and collaborative thinking from an early age, with the aim of improving individual life skills and encouraging more responsible choices and social behaviour.

To achieve its objectives, the Foundation empowers scientists, philosophers and artists and supports relevant stakeholders in Europe, with a particular focus on France and Switzerland, but also internationaly for certain transnational projects.

The Foundation’s values are:

Transmission, Authenticity, Harmony, Responsibility.


To spark a positive change on the world

Fighting plastic pollution in the Mediterranean

Fight against plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea by rewarding actors on the ground for effective and sustainable solutions.

Preserving the memory of endangered glaciers

Creating a global ice archive sanctuary for ice core records in Antarctica - a continent devoted to peace and science, to preserve a legacy critical to future research.

Ten Years for agroecology and sustainable food systems in Europe

Promoting sustainable agri-food systems in Europe that are more mindful of biodiversity, natural resources, and health.

Improving animal welfare

Working together to support initiatives for improving animal welfare.

Helping children to grow up with wisdom and compassion

Supporting the development of life skills and coexistence skills in children through workshops in philosophy and mindfulness.

Butterflies and dragonflies – indicators of the state of biodiversity

Participating in national butterfly and dragonfly inventories in France to measure the evolution of biodiversity.

Science and Art as vectors of global awareness

Encouraging creative interaction between Art, Science and Nature, and stimulating ethical reflection on the world of tomorrow.

Plastic waste free islands – Mediterranean

Demonstrating solutions to reduce plastic pollution leakage from 2 Mediterranean islands.

Pioneers in education for the future

Championing new learning models from education pioneers.

Supporting the dissemination of innovative education models

Opening discovery classes to disadvantaged children in agroecology and “life skills” at the Centre des Amanins.

Launch of an international prize in Venice for artist residencies on the theme of environmental sciences

Earth, Water, Sky: a new prize from Science Gallery Venice to reward artistic creativity around the major environmental issues of the 21st century

Experimenting large-scale agroecology

Testing and disseminating solutions for large-scale agroecology at the Domaine du Possible university farm.

Reconnecting with the environment

Raising public awareness on the importance of nature and encouraging responsible behaviour through educational workshops and field trips.


Improving animal welfare in farming in France through economic and legislative levers

Supporting the dissemination of agroecology through the Pierre Rabhi fund

Supporting the dissemination of eco-friendly techniques to farmers and the creation of collective kitchen gardens for the benefit of urban populations in France through the Pierre Rabhi Endowment Fund


SYNLAB va sensibiliser 40’000 enseignants à la pédagogie de la coopération d’Isabelle Peloux via la plateforme EtreProf.fr


Study of soil biodiversity and its evolution in France between 1990 and 2018

Special interests projects

Special interest projects are donations made at the discretion of the Board members. These small donations cover a large spectrum of themes, yet are fully aligned with the Foundation's values and objectives.